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The company was
more than a business

In a defining moment at the IT Outsourcing World event in New York, Ms. Van Dang –
our CEO & Founder experienced a revelation. Conversing with C-level executives from
around the globe, she realized Vietnam’s absence from the global IT narrative,
overshadowed by giants like India and China. This ignited a fierce determination in
her to alter this perception. She envisioned a future where Vietnam was recognized
for its technological prowess, not just its historical struggles.

Driven by this dream, Ms. Van & her like-minded colleagues, founded Savvycom with
a mission to etch Vietnam’s presence on the world’s technological map, showcasing
the nation’s untapped potential and innovative spirit.


To become a Leading
Digital Technology
Company in Asia


To bring innovative
technology into life by
leveraging engineering
workforce in Vietnam


The DNA that defines every Savvyer



Creative thinking, generating new ideas, consistently striving to improve products and services in a systematic way.



Working with passion and enthusiasm,
success will follow you.



Trust, honesty, support, respect,
and foster genuine care among every
individual within the company.



Committing to achieving personal
and team goals and strving towards
tangible accomplishments.


Leadership Team

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Ms. Van Dang, Founder and CEO of Savvycom since 2009, holds key roles in the tech industry, including Vice President of the VNITO Alliance and mentor with the Cherie Blair Foundation. Additionally, she’s recognized as a Distinguished Fellow of the Asia Society Australia and featured in the Australia-Vietnam relationship narrative.

Van Dang Vector
Chief Excutive Officer & Founder
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Mr. Tony Nguyen, with a rich background spanning the US, South Korea, and Japan, has collaborated with industry leaders like HP and LG. He’s always passionate about elevating productivity and skill levels among Vietnam’s software engineers, channeling his expertise to empower the tech community.

Tony Nguyen Vector
Chief Delivery Officer
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As a distinguished technical expert with a wealth of experience across numerous projects, Mr. Tue Nguyen significantly contributes innovative solutions and consultancy to Savvycom, ensuring premium-quality service delivery.

Tue Nguyen Vector
Chief Technology Officer
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A seasoned business operations leader. Michael is adept at crafting strategies to boost business, profitability, revenue, and team excellence. Known for fostering positive relationships with stakeholders and driving long-term corporate vision, Michael excels in all aspects of business development and operational management.

Michael Wilson Vector
Chief Operating Officier
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Stephen is a proficient revenue leader who has proven track record of generating new business opportunities. Increasing revenue and profitability, and leading cross-functional teams to deliver high-quality results. He will leverage his network to cultivate new sales oppotunities while sharing his thought leadership with clients and colleges.

Stephen Robinson Vector
Chief Revenue Officer

Board of

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He currently serves as the Department Head at the University of Engineering and Technology, boasts a PhD from Germany and post-doc experience in the US. His research niche encompasses healthcare and bioinformatics, driving forward innovation and knowledge in these areas.


PhD. Vinh Le Vector
Technology Advisor
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An innovative inventor, prolific serial entrepreneur, and impactful investor, Dr. Son Tran has been honored as the “Entrepreneur of the Year” by the University of Hawaii. He holds a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry and an SM in Management of Technology from the MIT Sloan School of Management.

PhD. Son Tran Vector
Strategy Advisor
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Strong experiences in investment funds, major auditing firms, and large consulting firms. He currently holds the positions of Founder Chairman at AFA Group, founding Chairman of the Vietnam Wealth Advisors (VWA), and CEO of the Vietnam Institute of Directors (VIOD).

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Finance Advisor


From our Vietnam headquarters
we operate globally

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