Dedicated Software Development Team Services

Looking for a dedicated software development team to meet tight deadlines and reach a piece of mind? Our team of highly skilled specialist with a wealth of expertise is available here and now to propel your business forward. Ensure to onboard your IT staffs just in 2 weeks.

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Over the past 15 years, we’ve conversed with thousands of businesses and understand the challenges they still face day by day.


Tight Deadlines 

Operating in fast-paced environments, businesses are continually confronted with deadlines across various projects and initiatives, necessitating timely resource allocation.

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Budget Constraints

Building and maintaining an in-house development team can strain your budget due to infrastructure, benefits, and training costs.


Complex Long-term Projects

For complex long-term projects, having scalability to adjust team size and composition as needed is essential, a capability often lacking in in-house teams.

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Lack Of Technical Capacity

The absence of in-house skills and expertise impedes the capacity to proficiently develop and deploy state-of-the-art technology solutions.

Experience Our Top-Tier Dedicated Software Development Team Services

With 15 years of experience, Savvycom will leverage our expertise to cater to your unique business needs and propel your organization to new heights of success.

In-Depth Know-how

Our talents are holders of valuable expertise in diverse industries, including BFSI, IT, healthcare, education, eCommerce, retail, manufacture, and more.

Transparent Process

We always prioritize transparency about the terms of agreement. We also cultivate an honest and proactive communication within our teams and towards the customer.

60% Budget Savings

With our pool of 700+ specialists boasting proficient English skills and strong technical backgrounds, you will form your dream team in no time & quickliy implement your project.

Flexible Price

We offer you 2 pricing models: hourly rates and the fixed price. Flexibly choose the one that aligns your project requirements & budget flexibility.

Agile Methodology

We use agile methodologies to ensure to deliver high-quality software efficiently, while remaining responsive to changing requirements.

How Do We Build A Dedicated Team For You?

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#01 Collect client’s requirements

Our client relationship manager will get all your requirements on tech stack and employee level. Then, we build ideal candidate portraits and transfer them to our recruiting department.

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#02 Arrange the interview

We arrange a personal interview for you with short-listed candidates. You can then verify the candidate’s compliance with your expectations and determine who will be chosen.

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#03 Set up your dedicated team

After you have decided on dedicated development team members, we’ll assemble your dedicated developers as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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#04 Ensure employee retention

We provide engineers with professional growth, a healthy working environment alongside a close-knit team and execute regular payouts

Dedicated Software Development Team Services

#05 Scale your team

You may need to adjust your team size as your workload fluctuates. We will help you on scaling the team up and down basing on your request.

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Our Success Stories

Kokkiri partnered with us to create a meditation mobile app that provides relaxing sound recording and psychology classes for healing and relaxation of the mind.

Country: Korea  |  Industry: Healthcare  |  Scale: SMEs  |  Category: Meditation App


cross-continent users served at the same time


app installs after only 10 days of launching


app for Fitness and Healthcare 

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The Cambodian bank offers comprehensive financial services, including loans, bill payments, and banking services, tailored to meet the diverse needs and preferences of their clients.


Country: Cambodia

Scale: 92 branch offices, 10,000+ employees

Industry: BFSI

Category: Financial Mobile App, Data Migration, Integration, Security


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Case Study Frame

KG KAIROS represents a pioneering collaboration between KG Group and the Korean Ministry of Employment and Labor. This program combines education with practical projects, designed to elevate the real-world capabilities in AI and Robotics.


Country: Korea

Scale: Large Corporation

Industry: Education

Category: Web Development


Read the story

Sky Thanks 1

Jio collaborated with Savvycom to create a cost-effective, smart engagement system that helps improve community health and bridges the gap in accessing private healthcare between patients and doctors.


Country: Vietnam

Scale: 4 facilities, 200+ doctors

Industry: Healthcare

Category: Telemedicine App


Read the story

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Our dedicated software developers are masters of every relevant language or framework.

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Dedicated Software Development Team Services FAQs

Do you have more questions? We have answers.

The dedicated development team model implies that you obtain the programmers you need on hand, with extra experts to optimize and improve your business operations. You have complete control over the software development process. In contrast, the dedicated development team acts as a remote IT department resolving your tech tasks.
This dedicated development team can be adjusted and scaled according to project needs. All the selection, hiring, and management process responsibilities can be handed to your IT partner, like Savvycom, that provides this service. Once you start working with dedicated offshore developers and a dedicated development team, you won’t need to take care of the office, equipment, labor taxes, and other costs related to employment. This results in a considerable reduction in expenses. At the same time, you receive tech expertise with total control and transparency over the processes. Furthermore, you access the wide pool of resources and technical expertise at an affordable price once you search for a dedicated development team in Vietnam.

You may need a dedicated team when you have a project with specific requirements, tight deadlines, or a need for specialized expertise that your current team cannot fulfill. Dedicated teams are also beneficial for long-term projects or when you lack in-house resources to handle the workload effectively.

The dedicated development team can consist of developers (specialized in mobile solutions, web front-end, back-end programmers, etc.), designers, quality assurance engineers, testers, business analysts, project manager, software architects, etc.
A significant aspect of any dedicated development team is that you can form it based on your requirements and include different specialists. Such a team is a well-organized and knitted team of IT professionals responsible for all the project work and deliverables.

The cost of hiring a team of dedicated offshore developers varies depending on your specific requirements. For an accurate estimation tailored to your project needs, feel free to contact Savvycom’s experts for a quotation.

To manage a dedicated development team effectively, you can consider the following methods recommended by Savvycom:

  • Clear Communication: Establish open channels for transparent communication within the team.
  • Goal Setting: Set clear, achievable goals and milestones for the team to work towards.
  • Resource Provision: Ensure the team has access to the necessary tools, technologies, and support.
  • Empowerment: Encourage autonomy and empower team members to make decisions within their areas of expertise.
  • Regular Check-ins: Schedule regular meetings and check-ins to review progress, address challenges, and provide feedback.
  • Issue Resolution: Promptly address any issues or roadblocks encountered by the team to keep the project on track.
  • Recognition: Recognize and celebrate the achievements and contributions of team members.
  • Continuous Improvement: Foster a culture of continuous learning and improvement to enhance team performance over time.

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