LMS Development

Drawing on our rich background in developing Learning Management Systems (LMS) for diverse fields like healthcare, logistics, and BFSI, Savvycom is poised to redefine educational technology. Step into a realm where each LMS solution is a crafted innovation, designed to revolutionize learning experiences across industries and transcend the limits of conventional education.

LMS Development

We Provide Custom
LMS Development Services

As the top education software making company, we provide customization options to align with your project requirements and financial considerations.


Embark on your educational technology journey with our expert consultation. We provide tailored advice to optimize your LMS, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your educational objectives. Elevate your learning experience with our strategic and innovative guidance.


Crafting state-of-the-art learning management systems, our LMS development service excels in delivering user-centric, engaging, and technologically advanced solutions. With a team of dedicated engineers, we are ready to expand your tech team, expediting your time to market and enhancing your educational offerings.


Revitalize your learning environment with our LMS modernization service. We infuse contemporary educational technology, ensuring your platform is both relevant and forward-thinking. Stay competitive and enhance your learning outcomes with our innovative approach.


Transform education seamlessly with our integrations. We connect e-Learning solutions, payment systems, CRMs, and more, enriching functionality without hefty development costs. Unify your tools into the LMS for a streamlined learning experience.


Our Custom LMS Development services guarantee your platform mirrors your brand identity. We expertly custom your platform to align with specific learning objectives and user preferences, ensuring effective educational environment tailored precisely to your needs.

It's a win-win deal

Develop Your Unique Features

From LMS website development to personalized learning paths, our features blend technology and pedagogy, catering to the diverse needs of modern educators and learners.


Course Administration

Manage educational courses by adding or removing them, controlling access, modifying learning materials, and handling various file formats like PDFs, videos, and audios.

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User Administration

Manage user profiles by adding or removing users, assigning roles, grouping them, creating login credentials, and other user-related tasks.


Tailored Learning Plans

Suggest customized course options to each user, considering their interests, profession, responsibilities, and other personal data.


Learning Gamification

Introduce gamified elements in education to enhance engagement and efficacy, supported by research indicating higher test performance by gamified learners.


Collaborative Learning

Facilitate peer interaction and knowledge sharing with social learning features, making education a communal experience rather than a solitary one.

multi platform

Multi-Platform Adaptability

Ensure LMS compatibility with diverse devices and operating systems for flexible, device-preferred learning experiences.


Progress Tracking

Display learners’ advancement through their educational journey, offering a sense of achievement to motivate and reduce dropout risks.

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Deliver detailed reports and analysis on learner engagement, performance, attendance, and other key metrics for enhanced educational oversight and course improvement.


Certification Provision

Award certificates for course completion, providing learners with recognized accreditation. Offer customizable certificate templates for different roles.

Tailoring a contemporary learning experience accessible to all users.

Why You Would Choose Savvycom

Boasting over 15 years of expertise in LMS software development, we bring a wealth of experience and a proven track record in elevating learning through our advanced Learning Management Systems.

Enhanced Learner Engagement

Our LMS is designed with engaging, interactive elements that captivate students, transforming the learning process into an exciting journey. Features like gamification and interactive assessments keep learners motivated and invested in their educational progress.

Extensive Domain Experience

With a rich history of developing LMS systems for diverse sectors, including healthcare and BFSI (Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance), our expertise ensures a platform that’s not only robust but also tailored to specific industry needs and learning objectives.

Data Security & Privacy Compliance

Recognizing the sensitivity of educational data, our LMS is built with stringent security protocols and complies with global privacy standards. We safeguard student and faculty information, providing peace of mind and a secure learning environment.

Dedicated Technical Support

To ensure the most effective use of our LMS, we provide comprehensive technical support. Our team is committed to assisting educators and administrators in navigating the platform, ensuring a smooth, efficient learning experience for all users.

Our Development
Process at Savvycom

Here’s how we build LMS from scratch.


Planning & Evaluation

We initiate by assessing your educational goals, ensuring alignment with your vision and pedagogical strategies for impactful learning solutions.


Research & Analytics

Our team conducts thorough research, utilizing advanced analytics to inform the design, ensuring it meets specific educational requirements and standards.



Crafting intuitive, user-friendly interfaces, we prioritize educational engagement and interaction, making complex concepts accessible and enjoyable for learners.



Our LMS developers translate design into reality, utilizing the latest technologies to build a robust, scalable, and efficient solution.


Testing & Optimization

Rigorous testing ensures reliability, followed by optimizations based on feedback, enhancing the learning experience and system performance.



We celebrate with champagne and gear up for future updates, because staying ahead means continuous enhancement.


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