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Leading Insurance And Financial Platform Case Study

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Empowering Thailand’s Insurance
Tech Future

Get To Know The Client

The client is Thailand’s No.1 marketplace for insurance and financial product comparison platform. It receives trust from customers, partners and venture capitalists in Southeast Asia, specifically: BTS Group, Samsung. Their platform provides comprehensive advice and comparisons across more than 1,500 insurance types (life and non-life) and financial products (loans and credit cards), generating more than $100 million in premiums insurance for 2023.

The Client’s

Immediate Expansion Needs 

The company’s impressive performance up to 1500+ insurance in premium generation in 2023 highlights the need to scale rapidly. However, rapid growth can put pressure on their existing systems and processes, potentially reducing service quality as operational infrastructure struggles to accommodate increased workloads.  

Specifically, rapidly rising insurance premiums mean having to manage more customer data, handle more claims, and handle more customer interactions. It creates staffing shortages, leading to errors in data management, processing delays and poor customer service.  

Additionally, failure of the technology infrastructure to scale appropriately can also lead to intermittent system downtime or slow performance, further impacting customer satisfaction. 

Demand for Specialized Skills 

With massive insurance and financial products on their platform, they requires employees with specific expertise. Finding candidates who possess in-depth knowledge of both the insurance and financial sectors and are proficient with digital comparison tools is challenging. This niche skill set significantly limits the pool of suitable applicants, complicating the recruitment process.  

Also, new hires must be able to quickly meet and sustain their high service standards to ensure customer satisfaction. Hence, the dual demand for sector-specific knowledge and digital tool proficiency heightens the complexity of recruitment efforts. 

Vendor Selection 

Identifying a vendor capable of promptly providing the necessary resources is critical. The client needs a partner that can deliver qualified personnel quickly and understands the unique demands of the insurance and financial sectors. The chosen vendor must have a history of effectively and efficiently scaling teams without sacrificing quality. 

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Our Dedicated Approach

Rapid Team Expansion 

In response to the client’s urgent need for rapid expansion, Savvycom grew its dedicated team of 10 developers in just two weeks. This rapid mobilization ensures they can meet growing customer demand without sacrificing service quality. 

Additionally, we have implemented a strategic measure by establishing a steering committee to oversee team members, highlighting its commitment to continuous and effective management. This ensures that new recruits quickly adapt to processes and standards, maintaining service quality and consistency. 

Specialized Expertise 

Savvycom provides a team of leading Go-Lang developers to ensure they have access to the specialized skills needed to make their platform successful. Transitioning from PHP to Go-Lang is a strategic move to enhance the platform’s efficiency and scalability, crucial for financial applications. The ability to manage both PHP and Go-Lang ensures continuity and improvement of existing systems. We always prioritize ensuring that Savvycom’s engineers are committed to building best-in-class projects, ensuring that their service quality remains outstanding even as the team grows.   

Strong Vendor Partnership 

As a dedicated partner, Savvycom provides comprehensive support beyond technical expertise. The establishment of a steering committee to manage and oversee the new team members ensures smooth integration and alignment with company goals.  

By overseeing this process, the committee ensures that each individual not only brings their technical skills but also aligns with overarching goals and values. This strategic oversight is particularly crucial during the rapid expansion phase, as it helps maintain coherence and direction within the team. 

Through effective management and alignment with company vision, the steering committee facilitates a smooth transition, fostering collaboration and unity among team members while upholding the organization’s standards of excellence. 

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