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Top Electric Vehicles Lifestyle Platform in Thailand

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Top Electric Vehicles Lifestyle Platform

Get To Know The Client

 The client is a subsidiary in Thailand owned by PTT Public Company Limited with a registered capital of Baht 1,000 million. They operate an e-commerce product that focuses on the EV lifestyle electric vehicles, primarily car leasing with EVs services, chargers, knowledge, technology that will fulfill your EV experiences.  

The Client

Scaling In-House Development Capacities

Our client has an in-house development team comprising around 50 skilled professionals. However, as the demand for EV-related products and services continues to surge, the challenge arises in scaling the in-house development capacities to meet evolving market needs without compromising on quality. 

Balancing the expansion of the team with stringent quality assurance measures requires careful planning, resource allocation, and talent acquisition strategies. Moreover, ensuring seamless collaboration between in-house teams and local outsourcing partners becomes imperative for sustaining the pace of innovation and delivering exceptional value to customers.

Lack of Local Data Expertise for E-commerce Analysis 

One of the key pillars supporting our client e-commerce platform is data analysis, which drives informed decision-making and optimizes the platform’s performance. However, the intricacies involved in leveraging data analytics to extract actionable insights pose a significant challenge.  

Despite possessing a wealth of data, they encountered hurdles in harnessing this information effectively to enhance user experiences and refine its product offerings. The scarcity of reliable and experienced local resources proficient in data analysis further compounded this challenge, necessitating strategic interventions.  


Our Dedicated Approach

Dashboards Development to analyze Business metrics 

Spearheading the charge in addressing their data analytics problem, Savvycom deployed a seasoned Data team, collaborating seamlessly with the in-house counterparts. Tasked with developing sophisticated dashboards, this dynamic ensemble delved deep into business, marketing, and consumer behavior metrics, furnishing them with invaluable insights to inform strategic plan and enhanced operational efficiency. 

Enhanced Development Capacities 

By tapping into Savvycom’s pool of skilled professionals and resources, EVME PLUS augmented their in-house team as needed. This ensures that EVME PLUS can meet the increasing demand for EV-related products and services while upholding stringent quality standards. Additionally, leveraging Savvycom’s expertise facilitated seamless collaboration between in-house teams and external partners, fostering innovation and agility within the organization. 

Strategic Insights and Recommendations

Leveraging the specialized skills and knowledge of Savvycom’s team, our client refined collaboration strategies with other departments within the organization. These refined strategies not only streamlined internal processes but also ensured a more cohesive approach to product and business development initiatives. 

Furthermore, the insights provided by Savvycom’s Data team serve as a compass, guiding them in navigating the ever-changing landscape of market trends. By staying ahead of emerging trends and consumer preferences, they has proactively tailored its offerings to meet evolving demands, thereby solidifying its position as a market leader. 


Project Implementation

System Assessment and Environment Set-up Phase

Deploy a core team (Project Manager, System Architect, and Mobile Developer) on-site, while the remaining developers work offshore. This ensures an efficient collaboration between on-site and offshore presence.  

Development Phase

The team transitions offshore with PIC onshore, deployed the cross-functional team model to optimize collaboration and resource allocation. 

E2E Testing Phase

Principal QC and senior testers actively engage to comprehensively test the system, ensuring a thorough evaluation of quality on functionality, performance.  

Go-Live Phase

The entire team works tirelessly for a seamless and successful launch, dedicated to ensuring a smooth transition to the live environment.  

Maintenance Phase

A team of Principal QC, technical leader, senior developers, standby and support 24/7 with the client’s team to ensure smooth application operation, promptly addressing issues and maintaining optimal performance.

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