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Cambodia’s Banking Case Study

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Empowering Cambodia’s Banking Future

Get To Know The Client

The client is a commercial bank in Cambodia with 192 branch offices with over 10,000 staff members. The bank offers comprehensive financial services, including loans, bill payments, and banking services, tailored to meet the diverse needs and preferences of its clients.  

The Client’s

Embracing Digital Transformation in Cambodia’s BFSI Sector

The client shift toward a digital-first approach in Cambodia’s evolving BFSI sector was a strategic move to stay competitive. However, the client faced challenges in identifying a vendor with deep BFSI expertise and an understanding of local nuances. This challenge was compounded by high employee turnover in the tech sector in Cambodia, leading to a lack of continuity and expertise.  
Their focus was on finding a long-term partner who is capable of understanding and navigating the unique complexities of the Cambodian BFSI market, propelling them towards becoming a leader in digital banking within the region. 

Mobile Application Revamp for Enhanced Scalability

A central strategy in the client‘s transition from a financial institution to a full-service bank involved a comprehensive overhaul of their mobile banking application. The existing application required a significant upgrade to accommodate the surge in user traffic and the expanding spectrum of customer demands. This enhancement was crucial not just for amplifying the app’s scalability but also for broadening its functionality to encompass a wider array of banking services.  
Additionally, the incorporation of more advanced features was imperative to enhance the app’s ease of use and usability, aligning with the ever-evolving needs of customers. 

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Our Dedicated Approach

Feature Enhancement for User Experience

To ensure the application’s ease of use and superior usability, Savvycom implemented a range of advanced features. This enhancement aimed to streamline banking processes and offer a more intuitive user interface.
Not only did we enhance the standard features for transactional processes, but we also integrated a modern wire transfer system to facilitate global financial interactions.  

Recognizing a high demand for exchange transactions among groups of users, we identified the need for flexibility in account management. Consequently, a feature was implemented allowing multiple individuals to co-own and operate a group account, thereby expanding the app’s functionality. 

Technical Implementations for Seamless Integration

At the core of our solution was the deployment of microservices architecture. This approach enabled efficient communication and data interchange between the Core Banking System (CBS) and the mobile channel, as well as other related channels like Cash Deposit Machines (CDM), ATMs, bill payment vendors, and external payment systems. 
This architecture not only provided scalability but also ensured a more resilient and adaptive infrastructure in the banking environment. 

Large-scale Data Migration

A crucial aspect of this transformation was the migration of a substantial volume of data (over 300,000 records) from the obsolete database to the new system. Savvycom provided a comprehensive migration solution, ensuring data integrity and minimal disruption to ongoing operations.

Enhanced Security with Authentication, and Authorization Services

Understanding the paramount importance of security in BFSI applications, we integrate with WSO2 – an extra layer of security between the internal network and the external internet. 
Additionally, robust authentication and authorization services were integrated to safeguard user data and transactions, aligning with the highest standards of financial data security. 

Project Implementation

System Assessment and Environment Set-up Phase

Deploy a core team (Project Manager, System Architect, and Mobile Developer) on-site, while the remaining developers work offshore. This ensures an efficient collaboration between on-site and offshore presence.  

Development Phase

The team transitions offshore with PIC onshore, deployed the cross-functional team model to optimize collaboration and resource allocation. 

E2E Testing Phase

Principal QC and senior testers actively engage to comprehensively test the system, ensuring a thorough evaluation of quality on functionality, performance.  

Go-Live Phase

The entire team works tirelessly for a seamless and successful launch, dedicated to ensuring a smooth transition to the live environment.  

Maintenance Phase

A team of Principal QC, technical leader, senior developers, standby and support 24/7 with the client’s team to ensure smooth application operation, promptly addressing issues and maintaining optimal performance.

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