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KG Group AI-Robotics School (KAIROS)


Get To Know KAIROS

KG KAIROS represents a pioneering collaboration between KG Group and the Korean Ministry of Employment and Labor, focusing on youth AI Robotics training. This program combines education with practical projects, designed to elevate the real-world capabilities in AI and Robotics.


Inefficient Management of Applications

Inefficient management of student applications was also a huge challenge. The existing system was marred by manual processes and disjointed workflows, leading to delays, errors, and a lack of real-time tracking capabilities.

This inefficiency not only placed a heavy administrative burden on staff but also led to frustration and uncertainty among students awaiting application outcomes.

Outdated UI/UX Design

In an age where digital interfaces play a crucial role in user engagement, KAIROS existing design was no longer meeting the needs and expectations of modern users. This outdated approach not only made navigation and interaction cumbersome for students and staff but also failed to effectively communicate the institution’s commitment to innovation and quality education.

The lack of a modern, intuitive, and responsive design was a significant barrier, impacting both the perceived and actual usability of KAIROS platform

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Our Dedicated Approach

Design UI/UX

Our team embarked on a comprehensive overhaul of KAIROS website’s user experience (UX) and user interface (UI). Adhering strictly to the brand’s visual identity, we meticulously integrated the organization’s logo and color palette, ensuring consistency and alignment with their established brand guidelines.

Our focus was not only on aesthetic enhancement but also on elevating the website’s functionality and accessibility. We prioritized creating an intuitive, user-friendly interface that resonates with the educational ethos of the KAIROS, facilitating seamless navigation and engagement for all users.

Efficient Tracking and Notify Student Application Outcomes

A streamlined backend solution was developed using STRAPI, designed to efficiently manage and relay student application statuses, including pass/fail notifications.

This system integrates seamlessly with KAIROS’s existing digital frameworks, offering real-time updates and a user-friendly experience. Our approach prioritizes robust security, scalability, and an enhanced user experience, ensuring that KAIROS can effectively manage student data with utmost privacy and efficiency.

Build admin portals

The admin portal serves as a all-encompassing tool for administrators, facilitating the oversight and coordination of the entire application process.

At its core, the admin portals offer comprehensive management of application phases, allowing administrators to organize and track stages of student applications. This includes the ability to create, modify, and delete applications, ensuring efficent management.

Additionally, the admin portal excels in handling student applications. Administrators can easily access and review individual applications, ensuring a thorough and informed decision-making process. The feature also includes an automated notification system, which efficiently communicates application results to students, enhancing transparency and engagement.

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