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Through comprehensive research, we craft UI/UX designs that prioritize user experience, driving conversion rates and business growth.

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We simplifies the customer journey, minimizing steps and ensuring flawless design for enhanced usability and retention.

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Offer Competitive Edge

Utilize our UI & UX expertise to differentiate your product, driving engagement and loyalty in your niche.


Optimize Resource Utilization

We save time and resources by addressing design issues early, streamlining as a professional UI/UX development company and maximizing efficiency.


Facilitate Strategic Planning

We provide crucial insights for precise project planning, enabling informed decisions and confident execution.


Embrace Design Trends

We harness market insights to create compelling solutions that elevate your digital presence with modern flair.

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Our End-to-end UI UX Web Development Services

With a demonstrated history of delivering innovative digital product design services and solutions, we specialize in addressing intricate challenges by crafting intuitive design interfaces that elevate your brand identity, amplify user interaction, and drive superior conversions.

Web App UI/UX Design

Our proficient team of UI/UX designers adheres to industry best practices to create compelling, user-guided, and scalable designs, fostering enhanced engagement and facilitating improved business outcomes.

Mobile App UI/UX Design

Our dynamic UI/UX designers craft impactful mobile app designs that forge immediate connections with users, prioritizing seamless navigation and accessibility to enhance user experience.

SaaS Product Design

We specialize in crafting industry-centric and user-centric SaaS UX designs that deliver exceptional user experiences, enabling seamless access to services and showcasing the true potential of your offerings.

UX Audit

Our seasoned UI/UX experts conduct a thorough analysis of your software or application, pinpointing pain points and offering actionable insights to enhance usability on your digital journey.

UI/UX Design Consulting

Our comprehensive UI/UX design consulting services ensure the attainment of exceptional UX across all your digital products. We offer guidance on implementing UX research methodologies, conducting testing activities, and predicting user behavior to optimize user experiences.

Wireframing & Prototyping

Drawing on extensive market research and digital product analysis, we meticulously assemble design elements to develop navigational wireframes and prototypes that align with your product vision and add substantial value.

Landing Page Design

Whether you require a redesign or a fresh design for your website’s landing pages, our creative UI/UX designers can assist in creating engaging landing pages that drive tangible results for your campaigns.

Website Design

By delving into your website concept and conducting thorough user research, we design user-friendly, visually captivating, and interaction-rich websites that offer effortless navigation and elevate your brand’s online presence.

Responsive Design

Our expertise lies in creating designs that respond to different screen sizes, ensuring optimal interactivity and a seamless user experience across platforms and across devices, including mobile, desktop and tablet.

Our Areas of UI/UX Design Expertise


Our expertise extends to crafting intuitive and visually appealing designs for fitness and sports-oriented applications. From workout trackers to virtual coaching platforms, we prioritize user engagement and seamless navigation to enhance the overall fitness experience.


We excel in designing captivating and conversion-driven interfaces for ecommerce platforms. Our designs focus on enhancing user experience, streamlining the shopping journey, and optimizing conversion rates to drive business growth and customer satisfaction.


With a deep understanding of the intricacies, we specialize in creating user-friendly interfaces for digital wallets, trading platforms, and financial management tools. Our designs prioritize security, accessibility, and ease of use to empower users in managing their financial assets effectively.


Our design solutions include healthcare applications, telemedicine platforms, and patient management systems. They emphasize usability, accessibility, and compliance with regulatory standards to enhance patient care and medical workflow efficiency.

Our result-oriented UI/UX design process

Our journey towards end-to-end UI/UX design for your business.

Target Audience Identification

By thoroughly evaluating the target audience, we tailor the app design with the appropriate stylistics, navigation flow, element size, and display to resonate effectively with your users’ preferences and needs.

Competitor Analysis

We conduct a comprehensive analysis of your competitors and create uniquely characterized UX/UI designs, ensuring your product stands out among the competition.

Review of Existing Design Materials

Thorough review and detailed feedback on any existing design documents provided (sketches, wireframes or mockups) are included to help our UX/UI design process become cost and time efficient.

Completion & Questionnaires

Our team gains insights into your company’s UI/UX design requirements by completing tailored questionnaires, ensuring alignment with your brand identity and objectives.

Timeline & Cost Estimation

From the initial stages of collaboration, we evaluate project details and documentation to outline the scope of work required and provide accurate estimates of the timeline and cost of UI/UX design services.


For complex functionality or diverse user roles products, our user experience consultants will recommend sketching to identify potential challenges and refine system architecture, thereby minimizes the risk of costly errors.


We ensures optimal user experience by developing wireframes with efficient system flow, intuitive navigation, precise element placement, and adherence to platform standards.

User Interface Creation

Through the creation of UI design mockups, we present 2-3 style options based on gathered requirements, user feedback, and design best practices, ensuring a cohesive and engaging user interface design.

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Kokkiri partnered with us to create a meditation mobile app that provides relaxing sound recording and psychology classes for healing and relaxation of the mind.

Country: Korea  |  Industry: Healthcare  |  Scale: SMEs  |  Category: Meditation App


cross-continent users served at the same time


app installs after only 10 days of launching


app for Fitness and Healthcare 

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The Cambodian bank offers comprehensive financial services, including loans, bill payments, and banking services, tailored to meet the diverse needs and preferences of their clients.


Country: Cambodia

Scale: 92 branch offices, 10,000+ employees

Industry: BFSI

Category: Financial Mobile App, Data Migration, Integration, Security


Read the story

Case Study Frame

KG KAIROS represents a pioneering collaboration between KG Group and the Korean Ministry of Employment and Labor. This program combines education with practical projects, designed to elevate the real-world capabilities in AI and Robotics.


Country: Korea

Scale: Large Corporation

Industry: Education

Category: Web Development


Read the story


Jio collaborated with Savvycom to create a cost-effective, smart engagement system that helps improve community health and bridges the gap in accessing private healthcare between patients and doctors.


Country: Vietnam

Scale: 4 facilities, 200+ doctors

Industry: Healthcare

Category: Telemedicine App


Read the story

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have more questions? We have answers.

UI/UX design, often called User Interface/User Experience design, is the creation of digital interfaces that are visually appealing, user-friendly, and engaging.

While UI design focuses on the aesthetics and layout of interface elements, including color, typography, and interactive elements, UX design focuses on optimizing the experience. overall user experience, ensuring ease of navigation, efficiency and relevance to user needs. At its core, UI/UX design aims to enhance usability, accessibility, and user satisfaction across various digital platforms, such as websites, apps, and communications.

As a leading UI UX development company, Savvycom provides user interface services to businesses that want to convert visitors to their websites and apps into customers. Our UX/UI designers strive to increase brand awareness to help improving customer satisfaction, improve user interaction, and grow and enhance your business.

The UI improves your software’s responsiveness, efficiency, and accessibility by facilitating interactions between users and websites or apps. Our designers will assist businesses in making their products stylish and appealing and creating unique and recognizable visual elements, high-quality graphic elements, exciting animation, and transitions.

We prefer user interface elements that are simple and clear but unique enough to draw in users. Designers ensure the interface is simple to use and allows for natural interaction. When UX assists users in achieving their objectives, UI establishes a link between the user and the service provider.


The cornerstone of any software is the UX – user experience, which deals with the product’s functionality and purpose. UI services refer to the user interface and are concerned with the user’s visual connection to a digital product.

The timeline is determined by various factors, including requirements, design service rates, software complexity, screen count, chosen UI UX design companies and so on. A screen with a simple and laconic design of standard elements takes 1.5 – 2.5 hours to create, and subordinate screens take 30 – 40 minutes. This process can take 2-3 hours for each unique screen for more complex design and UI/UX design services.

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